Best Credit Cards to Have

The best credit cards to have are ones that allow you to earn dividends. They must also offer low interest rates and be widely accepted, as well as provide free identity and fraud protection.

Today, using two or three different credit cards may allow you to earn rewards, cash back and improve your credit rating by using certain credit cards for specific purchases.

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Using Credit Wisely


Many of the best credit card companies including Discover, Visa and MasterCard are now affiliated with retailers, airlines, rental car companies and fuel providers. This allows the customer to find the best credit card interest rates, credit card deals and credit card rewards program available. In order to locate these bargains, customers should use a credit calculator to compare interest rates, credit card fees and penalty fees before making their decision.

Some of the best credit card offers may not provide the best interest rates after totaling up processing and annual fees. However, some of the best balance transfer credit cards offer 0% interest on the transferred balance and new purchases.

Unsecured Credit Cards

People with good credit ratings will qualify for many credit cards that offer fixed low interest rates and 0% balance transfer fees for up to 15 months. A few companies provide unsecured cards that may be some of the best credit cards after bankruptcy to have because they report monthly to all three credit bureaus. Rebuilding your credit rating after bankruptcy is important.

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Unsecured credit cards may have variable interest rates that can fluctuate monthly, while others offer a fixed moderate rate. Unfortunately, some of the best credit cards to have cannot be used out of the United States. You will need to keep that in mind when looking for a new credit card, and remember that all credit card applications will show on your credit rating.

Secured Credit Cards

Many of the best student credit cards are secured credit cards that have a prepaid limit, and may be the best credit cards to have when you are learning to manage your finances. These cards are great financial tools for students, and some provide bonus points for maintaining good grades. In many cases, after a year you can upgrade this type of credit card to an unsecured card with a higher spending limit.

Some of the best prepaid credit cards are item-specific cards that earn cash back or reward points for items like groceries, gasoline or restaurants including fast food. When looking for the best prepaid credit cards be sure to check to see if the card requires monthly fees, in addition to balance payments. Paying a high monthly fee can make some prepaid credit cards more costly than other cards.

Cash Back Cards

Earning points and cash back is a trend that began with airfare miles and at that time ranked Discover as one of the best credit cards to have. The best credit card will offer redeemable rewards with no restrictions or expiration dates on reward bonuses. Reward programs can include cash back, gift certificates, airfares, hotel accommodations, rental cars, cruise line tickets and a few offer cash back rewards that are deposited into retirement accounts.

If you are looking for item-specific cards like the best airline credit cards or gas credit cards, it is very important to check for redemption restrictions, air miles to dollars spent and any card fees. Sometimes the best travel credit cards offer both air miles and reward points that you can put towards hotel accommodations and rental cars, or towards certificates that you can apply towards cruise line tickets. Many of these cards are also the best balance transfer credit cards offering 0% interest rates on transferred balances, as well as purchases up to one year.